Thank you for buying  The Original MT4 Strategy Tester Assistant v 6.9.2.

If you have any questions about  The Original MT4 Strategy Tester Assistant 6.8, please contact me for clarification.

If you are in any way not satisfied,  please contact me first, and I will solve the problem for you in a timely manner.  

 I do my best to help my clients to encourage positive feedback.

Best Regards,

Bernie Patterson

Installation Instructions for  

The Original MT4 Strategy Tester Assistant 6.8

1) Download The Original MT4 Strategy Tester Assistant 6_8.ex4 from this link and remember where it downloaded (to your Desktop, Downloads folder, etc)

2) Copy The Original Strategy Tester Assistant v6_8.ex4 file

1. Find the file (open up your Downloads folder, look on your Desktop, etc)

1a. Unzip the zipped file.

2. Right-click on the file "The Original Strategy Tester Assistant v6_8.ex4"

3. Left-click on "Copy"

4. Open your broker's MT4 platform

5. go to file on the menu bar

6. go down to "Open data folder"

7. Double-left-click on "MQL4" folder

8. Double-left-click on "Experts" folder

9. Now right click and paste "The Original Strategy Tester Assistant v6_8.ex4" into the Experts folder.

10. Restart your MT4 platform

11.  After restarting your Mt4 platform you will find "The Original Strategy Tester Assistant v6_8.ex4" in the list of available Expert Advisers in the Strategy Tester.

You will discover infinite ways to use The Original Strategy Tester Assistant.  The more you use it the better your trading instincts will get and more refined your strategies will become.

BE CAREFUL.  The Original Strategy Tester Assistant  will work on a live chart so use it wisely.

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Please refer to installation and basic use video for more instruction.
Here is a link to my You Tube video's.  They're not great but have some basic info.

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Again thank you for your purchase.  I hope you have as much fun with The Original MT4 Strategy Tester Assistant  as I have.  I find it very useful to use alongside indicators to test my strategies.

I would appreciate a reply to this email so I know you have received the Tester.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.




As for your AO bonus gift.  Have fun with it but please don't put any real money on the line unless you are sure you know what's going on.  I know the  time I spend in the Strategy Tester with EA's is time that has paid off for me.  I know it will for you as well.